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Starting in the 80s and after many years of experience in handcrafted workmanship and wooden and metal interior design, Betti and Borchi was born in 2000.

At first the company mainly made doors, window fixtures and stairs, restored furniture and carried out interior design for private buyers. Subsequently, they developed commercial Betti e Borchi doors and transformed themselves into a leading business for furnishing shops, restaurants, hotels and private premises.Thanks to their vast experience, Betti e Borchi managed to satisfy the multiple needs of their clients over the years, offering interior design for homes or commercial spaces, in a classical or modern style, in iron or wood, for both interiors and exteriors.

Betti e Borchi knew how to unite artisan tradition with technological innovation, always guaranteeing high standards. For every product and every customer’s request we utilise our skills to accompany you in choosing materials that best suit your aesthetic or functional tastes.

From the moment you choose your personalised design we begin the creation process, whether it’s for your kitchen, bedroom, living room, office, shop, window fixtures, doors – everything that you’ll need.

Our philosophy is to accompany our customers through the stages of style development, always offering our clients new decor solutions that inject personality into their daily living spaces. Our dedicated commitment to looking for new ideas and materials allows us to remain competitive in an ever-growing and continually evolving market.

Betti et Borchi’s decor is often born from a client’s idea that comes to life through manufacturing and avant-garde materials like CORIAN, COR-TEN, ALUCOBOND, iron, INOX steel and high-quality wood.

Our business can be found in the Figline e Incisa Valdarno industrial estate, a few kilometres away from the Incisa-Reggello toll booth. Come and find us and visit our showroom!! We’re waiting for you!!

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